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goodbye MADDIE goodbye

Taken outside the gate....found on an exploratory walk after Eid! Maddie has a passport to the UK....travelling there by Express Airconditioned Bus service.... How many Turks would like to be in her place! Maddie is now nine  and has decide to retire  and live in luxury with Jane. No more crooning to the Call to Prayer, no more smelly goats feet, hello  Manchurian melodies and doggy treats. Blacktree will not be the same without you Maddie.... Note from Maddie...please visit me. Anthea knows my address.


Only four days to go to the Full Moon and it is Bayram here in Turkey...There has been 10 daysworth of holiday cars pouring down the hill to the Oludeniz Beach.  Not too many of them have reached Blacktree....That is a pleasure? to be expected next year  when the final part of the Oludeniz road from Kirme is asphalted. Then you can spend the morning on the Oludeniz beach, have a cool siesta with us at Blacktree and  drive down to Patara west for a late afternoon dip! Luxury....and all you need is some fuel in your tank!