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The area has seen no rain since the beginning of June ..... due to the alkalinity of the soil we have to use  hosepipes! much to the joy of this new arrival who rushes around uncoiling every hose she can find. Laila Cem's daughter gave her this name when she was just ten days old and bottle fed. .Now 4 months she weighs 2 kilos...parenthood speculations range from Husky to German Shepherd to Jack Russell... she is small with large ears. Is it possible to decode a dogs DNA? I did a DNA swab test via an American site.... expecting to be  simply Scottish Irish Scandinavian.....only to discover Berber and Nigerian! So never go by the looks of anything or take anything for granted. Who would have thought Europe would crumble or Turkey would become a one party democracy.... We have had  happy times at Blacktree this year....less arrivals but lovely people....we watched the bloodfull moon....took picnics into the made gorgeous mosaics. The road to the Oludeniz beach