Well spring is really here and the heat  simmers over the fields.....bell Hyacinths, minute  Irises, Stars of Bethlemen, Orchis Anatolica, various Cow Parsleys and clovers.....in another few days the Cornflowers will appear....but the great surprise today is the little calf Tom....we wanted a girl this time as we could keep her. Tom already has a very boisterous brother Bill whom we shall have to sell soon. Males can be difficult to control! Mr Turkey left Mrs Turkey and their 7 chicks suddenly yesterday afternoon and went walkabout...walked so far that I fear he may not have met a Gruffalo!
Our first walkers of the year arrive tomorrow.....most people seem to stay in Fethiye nowadays and just do daily outings which is a pity.......one can experience town life anywhere. Nature may not be sophisticated but it offers freedom for thought.....and of course really good food if one is staying a t Blacktree. Previously most Turks though that anyone who walked for the fun of it  must be suffering from psychological problems...well why walk when one can get there by car! But now sportswear backpacks sleeping mats etc are all the rage!..... a Turkish guy arrived the other day obviously new to the outdoors. He had lost his way and had  to spend the night out on the mountain without water or food. He was completely dehydrated ! After several jugs of water and a good breakfast he revived... but his only thought was to get back to a town!
When walking two is always company.
 It is sad when young people grow up only having  urban knowledge.... last year a girl complained that she had found a scorpion in front of her cottage. This is always possible in summer months.However it is quite embarrassing for us. We use sulphur to keep them away but they still get around. When we looked in the cottage, we found that it was only a spider. She had never seen a spider so how would she know!
Below a photo of Sevgi with her new calf....we thought third time lucky...but it is a boy again!    


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