ANOTHER YEAR...flown by?

It certainly lost some of its momentum on the way.
What did we achieve with 3 years of  Brexit? New words like Frexit and Grexit.
What did the Mayoral ballots of Istanbul 3 weeks ago achieve ...quite surprisingly something but the authorities are still recounting the votes....the faster we live the less we achieve ? Our options are open to a multiple of opposing opinions.....and so we tread water to escape from the tentacles of tactless politicians in the hope that the filter system of past and future referenda ( please refer to  Latin grammar) will lead us into a calm lagoon of congeniality...
.....and talking about lagoons, the waters at Oludeniz are improving; once again we can recognise the sea bed. The sky is cloudier but the sea is clearer....and that is the forecast for the whole season in  one sentence.

                                        THE FORECAST CONTINUES TOMORROW


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