It is the mushroom season...but there are more houses appearing than mushrooms.
Officials frequently  turn a blind eye to enclosing a balcony extension, but last  year to fill the coffers and gain credit,  an official pardon was issued for constructions  built prior to 2017... offering a fine lower than obtaining building permission in the first place!!...Prior became  Post .....and construction still continues at a Futuristic pace.

Limestone for cement is ever available. Turkey supplied over 100 countries with 13,000,000 tons
of cement last year ...'consumption' per capita states the Turkish  Cement  Manufacturers Association  is 900 kg!  The  cement sector is the third largest industrial source of pollution in the world and. potatoes have quadrupled in price in the last four months. This may seem to have no connection but when a coal-burning Thermal  Power Station was opened near Milas 40 years ago the local villagers' crops  all failed except maize.

ABANDONED HOUSE AT BLACKTREE VILLAGE...made from local stone and lime.

THE MUCH PRIZED MORCHELLA(Morel) MUSHROOM harvested after the rains in April on the upper slopes of Babadag


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